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Have you already a project on your mind? We’ll make it come true.

We deal with every step
of the project

Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals and a long enstablished network of partners,
we can provide you the best possible support throught every phase, from design to production.

Contract furnishing, from design to production

We’ll work together to satisfy your very expectations.

Your design idea
is only the beginning

Over 40 years of experience in the industry allow us to craft high quality and unique furnishings, starting from the simplest interior design ideas.

While holding in maximum regard your budget and deadlines, we’ll always deliver a project capable of matching your vision in every possible detail.


Custom contract furnishing

Our exclusive approach to our clients, alongside an extensive experience and know-how, allows us to quickly answer to the ever-changing needs of the industry. By doing so, we realize every item matching your objectives, schedules and budget.

We’re specialized in the making of hotel‘s, homes and marine furnishing.

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Hotel Furniture


Thanks to our comprehensive experience in hotel and hotel rooms furniture, we manage every aspect of the project, from design to delivery.

Marine Furniture

We craft suites, mega suites, senior offices and owner’s cabins, starting by the interior design skecthes to the selection of the materials used.

Office Furniture

We project and produce office furnishing for every kind of business, by assessing every possible necessity throught a wide study of your spaces.

Know how

01 Designing

By usign 3D rendering softwares, we create a high fidelity mockup that’ll show you the final result before even the first furniture is crafted.

03 Production

Our versatile machinery enables us to implement every phase of furniture production, from sectioning to coating , ending with the assembly of every item.

02 Engineering

We translate design specifics in production specifics, while considering every technical detail, to bring to life our drafts.

04 Project Management

Thanks to a solid partners network, we’re more than capable of managing every aspect of a project, from supply to installation.


Hotel Furniture

Marine Furniture

Office Furniture

Know How

03 Gestione commessa

Utilizziamo software con tecnologia 3D e rendering virtuali per creare un modello che permetta al cliente di visionare il risultato finale.



Traduciamo le specifiche di progetto in specifiche di produzione, tenendo conto di ogni aspetto strutturale per dare vita al disegno e trasformarlo in prodotto finito.

03 Gestione commessa

Dalla sezionatura alla verniciatura, fino all’assemblaggio del prodotto. Utilizziamo macchinari versatili e all’avanguardia per lavorazioni di precisione nell’intero ciclo produttivo.  



Grazie ad una solida rete di partner siamo in grado di gestire al meglio tutte le fasi di un progetto, dalla fornitura dei materiali alle attività di cantiere. 

A solid

We’ve been working side by side with architects, interior designers and suppliers for half-a-century, by now. This lead us to a deep knowledge of the dynamics, manifacturing hurdles and regulatory restrictions that a professional often faces.

For us, the value, history and personality of every ambient is very important. Because of that, we always take into account the possible effects of every operation, struggling to find the best solution in terms of quality and budget.

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We carry on the ancient art of the furniture maker, using innovative and advanced techniques and tools. We work side by side with our customers during the realization of each product, offering contemporary and sophisticated finishes, appreciated by even the most famous designers.

We are furniture makers, suppliers, producers and innovators. Thanks to a highly specialized team and a solid network of partners, we are able to follow you in every phase of the design and production process, covering the entire supply chain, at all levels.

We represent the answer to the needs of professionals, architects and interior designers working on small and large design projects.


Our products can be certified as FSC®.

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental organization that promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests.

We create your interior design idea from scratch.

Do you have an idea or a project to start from? Send us a message and find out together how to create your bespoke furniture.

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